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Re: [IP] correcting at bedtime


so..do the highs keep rising, or do they come down by morning with a regular
basal rate?
I am tempted to do this with geneva...just see how long the highs stay there
, or how high they actually get.  last night, I had to bolus her four times
between dinner and 2 am because she would not come down below 237.  this was
allowing for unused insulin also. (new site change yesterday ..so not that
she did wake up at a nice 115 this am, though.  so her 2 am to wakeup is
still OK.

trying a new approach this week and just wondering about this night time
correction.  our endos say no correction unless over 240 either.


>They would rather us let a pattern develop and correct
> basal/bolus rates.

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