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[IP] Begging Mini Med

Morning y'all,
Love this list.
I just had reason # 65 why Minimed should sell the Silhouettes infusion 
sets individually....and I needed to vent.

Went to bed at 116 two hours after snack and three hours after inserting a 
new set (I can only go 3 days).  Woke up at at 4:30 am with BG at 204, 
 gave bolus of 4.  Woke up at 5:45 am at 224, changed sites, bolused 6. 
 Walked dog, and checked at 6:30 am, BG was 264.   Bolused 8.     At 8:00 
am BG was 271,  Changed sites again (had to use my work emergency set) 
bolused 7.  Now at 9:15 am BG is 96.    Went through 3 sets, assumedly 
because of bad site.  Happens to me 2 or 3 times a month.  I am inserting 
them at about 30-45 degree angle.   Where did those 18 units of Humalog go? 

 I just ate a 6 oz yogurt ( 11 CHO) and did not bolus, thinking to hold off 
a low from all the insulin floating somewhere in my system.   Diagnosed at 
44 year old with Juvenile Diabetes (loved being in the ward for two weeks 
with all those cute teenagers), been pumping 3 years and love it.  Just get 
frustrated over the greed infused in Minimed, who already package the sets 
separately, but won't sell them separately.  I would like a 3 or 4 to one 
package.  Not the 2-1 which is all I can buy now...  Anyone need 4 miles of 
untouched tubing? I get now?

Bonnie Richardson
Land of Grits and Cotton
Huntsville, AL

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