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Re: [IP]ignorance of loved ones and diet advice

From: "Julie Britt"
<email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] ignorance of loved ones and diet
advice needed

I have been married for 14 yrs to a wonderful guy who
has the MOST manipulating mother ever. very
passive/aggressive.  This is only my opinion, but now
is the time to let her know how you are going to
respond to these situations.  If you don't do it now,
well, it won't get better in 5 yrs after you're
married.  My response would probably be, You're not
going to eat THAT?!  is: Yes, thanks for your concern,
but I have consulted with my Dr/CDE/nutritionist, if
you'd like to ask them any questions I"ll be happy to
give you the phone number. Of course your other option
might be, Yes, we're going to eat the whole bag, and
it's really none of your %$#@! business.  Might cause
a little tension during the movie though :)



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