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[IP] micro sofsets

Since there has been some talk recently about the new
sofsets, I thought I'd add our experience to the list.
My daughter Karen is 11 and kind of skinny. We've been
using Silouettes but really wanted to try the
sofset(she thought the insertion looked a lot easier
than with a Sil). In our first 48 hours of trying the
sofset thought, we must have changed the infusion set
4 times! The plastic wings stayed intact on her
abdomen, but the tiny cannula was working its way out.
I finally called MM; they thought it was a tape
problem. They suggested we cleanse the site with IV
prep, apply the piece of IV 3000 that comes with the
sofset and has a hole in the middle, then insert the
micro sofset with the sofserter over the IV 3000, then
seal the whole thing off with another piece of IV
3000. MM said that the sofset actually sticks better
to tape, than to skin. This has solved our problem and
is working great!!
   Thanks for all the help when I posted a problem we
were having with the Sil about 2 months ago. I
received 10 personal replies within 24 hours.   Marie


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