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re" [IP] switching to the 508 pump

To: email @ redacted 
    Subject: [IP] switching to the 508 pump 
    From: email @ redacted 
    Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 15:14:59 -0400 (EDT) 
    Reply-To: email @ redacted 

Can anyone tell me if its true that if Minimed has sent you the older
507c Pump. You can switch to the 508 Pump within 30 days?? I have talked
to my sales rep and all he say is that "he will see what he can do". I
have had continues problems with Minimed getting back to me. I even had
my rep give me his beeper number and he still doesn't get back to me!!!!
Considering I paid a high premium to get this pump and also my insurance
paying $5,000 not to metion waiting for months for this I think the new
pump is owed to me!!  Has anyone else has this problem or had the
problem solved??

Thanks, Kirsten/Massachusetts 21 type 1. Pumping for 3 weeks 

I managed to get them to give me a 508, but I did tend to "bitch" a
bit.  After talking to the rep, the sales team and the trainer, they did
give me the 508 (and threw in the remote, although I still don't know if
they billed my insurance company for it).  It IS worth the extra money
though, just in convenience.  Keep on them to give you the newer pump. 
You deserve it, no matter WHAT they say.  You paid top dollar for the
latest equipment and should get it.

They are running behind on production, so it may take awhile.

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