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[IP] 5 days with the new 508

Thanks to the reps at MiniMed, I did receive a new 508 with remote
(exchanged for my one week old 507) and I gotta say that it it MUCH
nicer to use (at least for me).  The remote is a really helpful
addition, allowing the pump to stay attached or hidden while still
allowing fast and very indiscreet boluses.  Other then the beep or
vibration, no one knows it's happening.

The vibrate feature is OK, nothing special, and it consumes batteries
like nothing flat, but it also adds to the discreet nature of the beast.

I find the buttons easier to use (then the 507) and the display slightly
easier to read (don't know if they changed it, but it's clearer then the
507).  The clip HAS been changed ever so slightly.  The 507 clip has a
round appendage that snaps into a hole on the pump.  The 508 has the
same round appendage, but it has one side flattened out, so clips from
the 507 will need to be "modified" to work on the 508 (with a file or
Xacto knife).

All in all, I'm much happier with the 508 (and I think ALL the ladies
will be as well), knowing you can easily hide the pump and still make
use of without having to dig it out.

The only drawback I can see is that the ONLY bolus available from the
remote is a normal one.  No square or dual.

Oh yeah.  They also changed the standard leather case to a better

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