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[IP] Re:Re: research funding/ testicular cancer..for thoses interested

I used the phrase "uncommon" in conjunction with testicular cancer, to which 
there was some objection and a request for my resources.  I regret that 
anyone was disturbed by my phrasing; I was just trying to correct what I 
believed to be an accidental misstatememt by a list member who stated that 1 
out of 2 men got testicular cancer as he made his comments regarding the 
unfairness of research money.  Further, I had some concern that this 
misstatement may cause some undue alarm in some households (particularly 
those with men in them).

You can fairly easily look up the statistics on the AMA website, which uses 
the phrase "relatively rare" and gives the statistics of this cancer 
affecting 4 out of 100,000 American men and that it causes 1 percent of all 
cancers in men.  The web site for the American Cancer Society is user 
friendly and it estimates 7,400 new cases in 1999, out of an estimated 
623,800 new cases of cancer in men in 1999 (excluding common skin cancers).

While all disorders deserve attention and research, as this is so far from 
"diabetes talk" I'll leave the issue to private email if anyone wishes to 
attend to it further. 

Good Health to all.   Linda 
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