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[IP] Re: more on the lady....

>warning and I am in a bad mood.

no kidding :) thanks for the warning tho, it did make your post easier
to read without getting upset. in return i will warn you that you may
not like the first half of this post, but the last part maybe will be

> know lots and lots of diabetics, in REAL life, not just this cyber world..

so, just because you know these diabetics on the mailing list instead of
personally in the real world, does that make their experience less
We've got a group of about 1700 diabetics here-what's the consensus on
the following: have you ever had a low bad enough that you either passed
out or were to the point where you needed someone else's help?

>I am not making a judgment about her IQ

you called her "stupid" several times, that sounds like making a
judgement about her intelligence. I agree however that calling her
"irresponsible" is making a judgement about her behavior and not her
intelligence. You are certainly entitled to your opinions of her,
regardless of what anyone else thinks. (especially since you know her
and the rest of us don't)

Now...it does sound like this woman is indeed behaving rather
irresponsibly.  And if she was to have a car accident from a low and
hurt anyone, then yes, I think that is just as bad as drinking and
driving. I am a big proponent of personal responsibility.  It was not
clear (to me) from your earlier post that you and her doctor had
presented her with so much information which she chose to disregard. I
am still curious however how the same doctor who told her that she only
needs to check her BG once or twice a day could also be informing her on
the latest and greatest in diabetic care?
It does indeed sound like she is in denial, and there is probably not
much you can do to help her if she does not want to help herself.

>off to the gym to work out the frustration

hope it helped. that is also my personal favorite way to relieve stress.

>people taking my posts so damn personally

I didn't take your post personally.  Can't speak for others... (feels
sort of like you took mine a little personally) Like I said, it just
wasn't clear from your earlier post that you and others had offered her
so much help. I was just offering a few suggestions which you are
certainly free to disregard yourself.

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