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Re: [IP]low in the night --for parents

I also check Ryan (12) every night around 2-3am. After
a VERY serious seizure last year (before pump)which
left him not breathing, gray color, black lips. this
occured after checking bg, 70, at 7am and after juice
and 4 glucose tabs.  He had played a very hard game of
football the night before.  the bg of 70 must have
been a "spike" after a tremendous low in the night. 
After seeing my son physically "dead" (he did finally
start breathing on his own before the paramedics
arrived), I feel compelled to lose a little sleep to
make sure he is not in any danger.  Some nights if I
forget to set my alarm, I wake up anyway at 2-3am. 
It's worth the peace of mind to know when I wake him
up for school at 6:45am that he's going to be OK. 
Again, glad to know I'm not the only one!  Thanks



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