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[IP] Jane- Gastro-paresis

On Sunday, October something Jane wrote:
<------------------------------ Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 02:10:28 -0400 From: "Jane B Reese" Subject: Re: [IP] Motivation? Hi All - Could somebody please tell me what is gastroparesis? Is it a complication of long-term diabetes? What is it in plain English? I've never heard of this in my many years of diabetes. >  Gastro (gastroparesis) is a long term diabetic complication wherein the nerve endings in the gastrointestinal tract do not function well and cause a sort of paralysis so that the food you eat doesn't move through your system as rapidly as it should, causing all sorts of havoc with insulin timing etc. Symptoms may include; upset stomach (mine quieted down AFTER eating), erratic blood sugars, (lows caused by Humalog peaking without enough glucose in the stomach, followed by highs when the food hits later). One can also end up with diarrhea and a few other unsavory symptoms which I'm sure the members on this list will tell you about.  It's often treated with a medicine ca!
lled Propulsid.  I take mind before I eat.  I don't recommend getting this. LOL.

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