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Re: [IP] just a few thoughts

-From: Fran Kates <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Just a few thoughts

>Along with the excitement, high hopes and anxieties
>that we have associated with this exciting time, as a
>mother, I look at this new beginning with
>other, more soul-wrenching feelings. My son is
>only seven ...Intrying to understand
>these grieving feelings I am experiencing

Fran, one of the best things about this sight as far
as I'm concerned is that every time I read it, I find
at least one thing that I can relate to, usually a
situation in which I thought "I'm the only one". My
son is 12, dx at 5yr, pumping since March.  Just last
week, I cried for an hour, grieving for the boy he
can't be. Not that he can't do every activity he wants
to do; football, basketball, fishing etc...  it's just
a fact that he can't just go do those things without
DM means being ever vigilant, and it is tiring at
times. Having the pump gives tremendous freedom in
lifestyle, but it does not remove the DM monster we
all live with.  I think as parents, we need to give
ourselves permission to be sad sometimes, grieving is
a process that comes and goes. I know Ryan feels sad,
mad, etc. at times.  We say it "I hate diabetes", then
go on.  I allow myself an occasional "personal pity
party", with some restrictions. I don't invite lots of
other people; it has an ending (no one likes a party
that never ends); and I follow it up with some
gratitude stuff.  So anyway, I'm just glad to know,
I'm not the only one.... Hope all goes well....


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