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[IP] Length of life

I thought about what I wrote before and had a second thought.... (that's
alot for a computing engineer in a month, not to mention a day, but I won't
mention it)

Most of the statistics on diabetes that one sees are from the general
population (meaning they reflect type II people who don't care for
themselves).  Considering that the average type II starts out later in life
and unfortunately doesn't do enough to take care of self, 40 years is

For a type I: there are no real figures on how long that I've seen that make
any sense whatsoever.

For those that don't take care of self they'll probably make it twenty years
but complications will more than likely be coming on big time by then

For those of us who take good care of self I've been told there is no reason
to expect anything but a normal length life (WHATEVER that means) because
complications should be reduced or eliminated due to control.  Of course,
I've also got the 'you can't expect normal because...' talks.

So put all this garbage out of mind and LIVE LIFE to the fullest you can.
When I lost my vision I became very down and out and my Dad finally told me
that I either should make a decision to live and make the best of whatever I
have and go for it OR to jump off a bridge since this would be quicker and
less painful.  I don't really recommend this talk to most people but my
father really understood me and he shook me up in the proper way and got me
back on path to life.


Thank G-d your alive, live to the fullest you can and never give up (even on
sales reps and doctors).


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