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[IP] Re: Silhouettes Complaint--Natalie

Hey Natalie, you are absolutely right!  After you complained about the Silhouettes having a hole 
open to the world, I responded asking what you were talking about, I didn't notice any hole.  
After your suggestion about carefully examining one of the sets, I did that yesterday when I 
changed to a new set.  The tube does go through a hole in the tape, meaning there is not a great 
seal around the hole the tube goes into you through.  Just how much you are "exposed" to outside 
infection depends upon how exactly you insert and press down the tape, but it does appear that 
there could be a better way to completely seal the openning in your abdomen.  But so far, I have 
had no problems with infection at all, though I have only been pumping for a month.  Maybe someone 
from MiniMed can explain why the Silhouettes are built the way they are and whether or not 
improvements are planned.

Any way, good analysis!


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