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Re: [IP] more on the lady....


Part of your posting in response to the "lady at the gym" story reminded me
of a sign I saw in one of these billions of catalogs (Wireless, Pyramid,
RedRose...who knows?) that arrive in my mailbox on a regular basis.  (No,
I'm not complaining...just realizing what an astonishing number there are!)
Anyway, I want to get the sign for my husband, as it very much sums up his
way of looking at the decisions to be made in life.  He looks carefully at
pros & cons, known & unknown factors, possibilities & potential
dangers...then decides & commits to that.  Granted, when he determines that
a wrong choice was made, he chalks it up to experience & does not repeatedly
make the same mistakes.  Reading your post I felt a little like I was
listening to him talking...I find a lot to respect in your position on the
whole irresponsibility issue.

The sign:  Choose without Regret

People waste a lot of energy regretting, as opposed to learning from their
experience & moving on.  I spent a number of years neglecting my diabetes-
I've learned that was not the way to go.  Rather than focusing on regrets,
however, I have far more important things to do with my time...like learning
to better count carbos & figure out the "mystery highs & lows" when they

Hope you feel bettere after working out!  :)


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