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[IP] Trusting your instincts

<<When you make a decision and you feel relief....you know it is the RIGHT 
decision!  >>

Well said Robin! As so many of us know, being the parent of a child with d 
isn't an easy task, as I know it's not easy for the child either! And we have 
to sometimes make decisions for them or about them that we wish we didn't 
have to make, as ANY parent does. And thought I am a bit sad for you, that 
you won't get to go on the trip, how much would you enjoy it anyway, doing 
all that worrying? Instinct sometimes is underrated......example......

We have not tested Amy during the night now for probably 4 or 5 weeks. Her 
bedtime and breakfast numbers have been really good. But on Thursday and 
Friday her breakfast numbers were high. So, on a whim, as I walked up the 
stairs to bed Friday night, I asked my husband to test her around midnight 
when he comes to bed -- her bedtime # was 108 (I hate people that need so 
little sleep!!). He woke me at midnight to tell me her bgs was 489!!! She was 
out of insulin!!!AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!! I shudder to think what kind of condition 
she would have been in by 6 a.m. w/o insulin. Of course, her response was 
that she would have heard the alarm. Well, duh, she may have heard the alarm, 
but that wasn't my point I was trying to make. Kids will be kids, and learn 
from their mistakes (hopefully), but I am sure glad something told me to have 
Gary test her that night.......


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