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[IP] Life Expectancy (bye guys)

Having just been informed that I've got about seven years left I figured I
might as well start posting good-byes.

Seems to me that the doctors told my parents 38 years ago that I'll be lucky
to make it to twenty (eighteen years ago) that I'll never hold down a full
time job due to complications (since fourteen years ago), that I'll never
walk again due to a fractured heel bone that "won't heel without an
operation which we cannot do on a diabetic" four years ago, that "he'll
never see again" nineteen years ago.

I just recently got my 25 year certificate from Joslin (only 13 years late,
I never was one for paying attention to the clock as you can see from

The trick is to not pay attention to foolish 'well meaning' people like my
aunt who screamed at my mother for the audacity of letting me get married
and ruin my wife's life (as I'll never have kids and forever be
be at the doctors for emergencies (count the three darlings we obviously
don't have including one who's picture is the cute one in my picture in IDs
on web site) (yes I have been to dr but guess what: when my wife was bit by
a bee I didn't leave her cause she had to run to hospital either).

I love people who think that advice is best given without thought.

my rambling for today.

(not usually a rambler but I figured with only a couple of years left, why

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