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Re: [IP] Parades (& RenFaires)

We went to our Renaissance Festival 2 weekends ago, and she
>enjoyed eating lunch and dinner without having to bolus anything, and
>around 80 all day.


What RenFaire do you go to?  My husband & I are both actors (he plays a
roving street character, & I'm a faery) in the Greater Pittsburgh
Rennaissance Festival in PA, & at various smaller faires/dinners/events in
the Ohio/PA area.  Since I've only been pumping 2 months, I haven't had the
pleasure of working any shows as "the pump faery" yet  :)  ...although I'm
sure it will be much more convenient as far as bolusing goes than it's been
in the past to have to go off & find an out-of-sight location to do a shot!
I've never really had much problem managing to test in plain sight (I would
just get another character to "stand guard" for me by catching any patrons
who came really close into a conversation!)- it taught me to really
appreciate the speed & size of the FastTake meter, though!  I keep my med
supplies in a little green velvet bag in the flower basket I carry to
distribute wishes from, & no one's ever the wiser!  So next time you are at
a faire, take a close look...you may be speaking with a diabetic faery or a
pumping peasant- yes, we are everywhere!!!  :)

One fun incident:  I was doing my regular bit (I'm the Wish Faery, who helps
people to learn & remember the magic of making wishes & working on the
coming-true part) last year, & the interactions I do tend to be kind of "up
close & personal" - I am holding onto the patron's hand & we are both
looking at their fingers while we work the wish magic.  Anyway, the woman
finished her wish, then held onto my hand a moment longer & looked closely
at MY fingers (My costuming covers a great many things, but since my hands
must be free & available, I am still quite decorated with the little lancet
dots we are all familiar with!).  She then told me that she new something of
special faeries & the magic they must do to care for themselves, & she was
very happy to see that the diabetic faeries of the realm were
well-cared-for!  :)  THAT was one of those things that made me smile the
rest of the day!!

(aka Nyxilandria, the Wish Faery)

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