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[IP] letting go with kids

I know that many of you think we should just go to California and let Kevin 
go to his grandparents, but we feel we are making the right choice for our 
child. I really appreciate the advice you have given though.  I will stay 
home and my hubby will go.

We actually went out on a date lastnight...only 2nd one since his Dec. dx. We 
took the cellphone everywhere we went. One of the instructions we gave the 
(very intelligent) grandparents was to make sure he turned off his pump with 
exercise and NOT to exercise after he bolused for at least 1/2 hour. They 
thought by the way I said it  that we only meant after dinner. He played ping 
pong after a snack that he bolused for and 15 min into it was down to 58!  
So, they learned it's not so easy, and we were glad that we were within reach 
to talk them thru it!

When you make a decision and you feel relief....you know it is the RIGHT 
decision!  We are moving kevin towards independence, and I don't feel we 
cling, but we are careful and I think that is smart! After all, he is only 11!

Thanks again,

Mom of Kevin, dx 12/98
pumping since May
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