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Re: [IP] more on the lady....


 I again have to commend you on you writing ... and agree with what you had 
to say I found myself going "YES ! YES " and even reverting back to childhood 
with " YOU GO GIRL !" I to agree that it is our own doing of what are results 
are ... this is what causes me to hold back from what I tell people and why I 
asked in my post to only get responses from people with diabetes and going 
though the same thing .. so I can be related with... I did get a lot of good 
responses with you occasional know it all ..... I to have appreciated and it 
took me 10 yrs to find this IP page ... < pump user 10 yrs > 

 I too was STUPID and IRRESPONSIBLE I think we all go though that .. for me 
it was more of feeling tired .. and living life now I have to work my way 
back to life with diabetes instead of pretending it does not exist .. does 
this make me bad ? NO this make me human I think ... others maynot agree but 
you know what ... when I wake up tomorrow morning and go to bed tomorrow 
night who do I have to answer too ?? umm that would be me .. so if I feel 
sick or have a blood sugar of 300 I can turn to this page for support .,, but 
it was I who raised that cake or cookie to my mouth .. and I who has to aswer 
my own question.. 

So it is also I who has to make myself feel good .. I like getting support 
from this page but I can also delete it and choose not to listen then the 
finger is on me ...  I hope you have not allowed this person to take " free 
rent in you head " for too long .. and worked of you frustration at the gym 
cuz there are some of us out here how are on you side and in you corner .. 
with understanding :-) Julie 
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