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Re: [IP] Motivation?

Lois -

I would have  to say that MY motivation is that I want to live!  Period.

I've watched too many people die of diabetes, and it is too awful to watch,
and I have NO intention of dying that way.  I had my appendix out in 1974,
and my roommate's DR was in the room all night, watching over my roommate.
He said
to me - if I give her medicine to take care of her heart, it will effect her
He said - her kidneys are already effected by her diabetes (as was her
She died before I left the hospital.  BUT - this is just one example, and is
reason I keep a close watch.  My father's best friend (diabetic) who moved
to Florida, is legally blind now and cannot drive.  He has several toes
as well.  I have NO idea if he is in good control or not.  My father thinks
he is.

Aren't the reasons for good control obvious?  Excuse me, I could be wrong -
it has happened before (ha-ha-ha-ha)!!


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