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Re: [IP] complexity in a nutshell


I am a diabetic of 32 years whose mother did not allow me to go to camp, 
sleepovers, etc., because of my diabetes.  She died this summer and before 
she died  I told her that although I did not agree with a lot of the 
decisions that she had made for me when I was a kid, it took me until I was a 
parent myself to come to terms with these decisions.  

I never told my mother how I felt "odd" and very depressed.  I spent a lot of 
time reading in my room and no one knew how upset I always was.  Please try 
to see if one of the leaders is a nurse or has someone who is close to her 
that is dealing with diabetes, carb counting, etc.  You might be surprised to 
find out one of the leaders can handle this in a very supportive way.  At 
ten, much of what needs to be done could be done by your daughter.  She would 
only need someone to give her gentle reminders and direction.  Worst that 
would happen would be you might get a call for advise.  

My heart goes out to you over the next few years, how do you transfer the 
responsibility of your daughters diabetes to her?  I suppose, in small steps, 
not much different from teaching them to be responsible for their homework or 
how to brush their teeth.

Good luck.  I pray that all goes well for you and your daughter.  In the dark 
ages, when I was diagnosed, I did not go to a hospital for any education or 
adjustment period.  Was given insulin, urine strips, syringes, and a 
diet....Period...  I was also told that I if I ever tried to have children, 
they or I would die.  My first son was borne in April of 1990 and the second 
was borne in January of 1993.  I celebrated my 40th birthday this June.  We 
have come so far in the last 20 years.  I bet if given the chance, you 
daughter would use today's technology to her advantage and have a great and 
healthy time.

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