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[IP] Re: MM's new set

Hi All -

Talked to MM today about my suspected failure of new infusion set,
and they said they asked me why do you not use the sof-set?  I told them -
Sofsets failed 3 times in 2 weeks and a MM technician told me I am probably
too thin.
Then, the MM rep said we have a new kind of sofset - called a micro - how
about if we send you a few?  So, as of today, Saturday, October 16th, MM
evidently has those available.  Can;t wait to try one out!  Will let you
know - and yes, evidently my silhouette set that I put in Friday AM is not
quite up to par - the MM rep checked more functions on my pump than I knew I
had, and the pump is fine!  Have never had a silhouette (wish they'd give it
a NEW name!) not work, and am disappointed, but at least it's a weekend.
Last time a set failed, it was a sofset, and when I got to work at 6:30 AM,
in about 15 minutes, it started quietly beeping.  I said to a co-worker -
where is that noise coming from?  She said - from you!  UH-oh - went home
and changed everythiing!

Anyway - thought you'd like to know - the new micro sofsets are available
from MM!!


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