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Re: [IP] pumping at school

Hi Sue,

Our daughter, Lauren (8), started pumping during the summer.  She is in the 
third grade this year.  Her school district has a nutritional guidebook which 
includes all the foods that they serve at the school.  I simply look at 
what's on the menu and count up her total carb intake for the meal.  She 
usually chooses to pack her lunch though.  In that case I include a note in 
her lunch that lists each food and the total carbs.  I put the amount she's 
supposed to bolus with the meal.  I also include the amount to bolus if she's 
below 70 and the amount to bolus if she's between 70 and 90 when she checks 
her BS before lunch.  She also knows how to calculate the extra insulin she 
needs to take if she's high.  She is rarely low before lunch, but knows to 
drink her juice first or grab a couple of glucose tablets if she's very low.  
Her teacher knows this too.

Lauren is a little older, but we haven't had any problems with this system.  
She always eats all the food in her lunch.  I make sure and check with her on 
the amounts.  For instance, a whole sandwich was too much and now I just pack 
a half.  If your son sometimes finishes his lunch and sometimes doesn't, then 
perhaps someone (a lunch room aide comes to mind) could be trained to check 
his carb total and check the bolus amount he should be taking.  It won't be 
too long before you'll have a pretty good idea of his insulin to carbohydrate 
ratio and I usually include that on the note I put in her lunch.  The last 
thing is that Lauren has my cell phone number memorized and doesn't hesitate 
to call me if she has any questions.  

I would try practicing whatever method you decide to use for a few meals at 
home to make sure that your son really understands.  You know us Type 1 
parents, always trying to make sure every angle is covered. :-)

One more thing, I found that since Lauren was the first Type 1 student at her 
school to be using an insulin pump there were a lot of misconceptions about 
how it works.  For instance, they didn't realize that she still had to take 
insulin in the form of a bolus.  I asked a local RN/CDE to do a pump 
orientation with me at Lauren's school.  The office staff, principal, lunch 
aides and the rest of the staff who come in contact with Lauren all attended. 
 This was a wonderful way to answer all their questions.  They left feeling a 
lot more comfortable with everything and so did I.

Hope this helps.  You're going to love having your son on a pump as much as 
he's going to love having it!  

Pam W.
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