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Re: [IP] Football and the pump

Hi Mag - my son Eric (13) is a football player.  We have football 4-5 times a 
week, about 2 1/2 hours at a time.  We've only been pumping since the end of 
August and it's taken us a while to figure out what works and what doesn't.  
I think we've finally got it (it only took 2 months).  Most of what we've 
found works came from suggestions of people on this list. (Thanks everyone).

Tape coming loose from sweating:  
1)  Emla patch
2)  Clean off the Emla with alcohol wipe
3)  Clean the site with Betadine (he had an infection - we're trying to avoid 
4)  antipersperant (sp?) - make sure it's not where you insert the cannula
5)  IV prep
6)  Tegaderm
7)  Silhouette 
8)  Another  piece of Tegaderm with a hold cut in it.

This system holds up for practices and other running around that Eric does 
but nothing holds up during a game - I think because he winds up sliding over 
the ground on his belly when he gets tackled.  He hasn't had a game yet 
(there have been 8) that he hasn't had to come home and change his set.  So 
now we just figure on it and bring along a syringe and insulin to bolus after 
the game.

Highs during and immediately after football, lows later:  Eric's sugar spikes 
when he plays football and then, 3 or 4 hours later, drops.  We've found he 
does best when his bg is 100-125 about 1/2 hour before he starts.  He then 
eats 20 grams of carb and takes a bolus of 1 unit.  He'll then usually end up 
after practice with almost exactly the same reading he had before.  He's 
always hungry right after playing, so we go home and eat. He's on a 1-20 
ratio so we give him 40 "free" carbs and then the usual bolus for the rest.  
This seems to keep him level.  

We still don't have all of the variables worked out.  If he's high before 
playing, we do the usual bolus and he does OK.  Today, he was 90 before the 
game and I gave him 20 grams of carb and no insulin.  After the game he was 
190, 1/2 hour later he was 340.  Still working on it.

I hope this helps - good luck.

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