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Re: [IP] Sudden BG Drops

this makes complete sense.

geneva usually eats high carb cereal at breakfast...a rather half and half
lunch and usually more fats at dinner.  we have a 1:39 carb ratio at dinner
and 1:32 at breakfast.

the temp basal seems to work at dinner for her (as opposed to setting the
dual wave or square...because then if she eats a snack/dessert  soon after
dinner, we have to 'suspend'...bolus  and then reset the dual/square wave).

amazing how these things work.


>We realized that
> dinner has a lower carb to "other" ratio, than say breakfast, which is
> carbs.  So he square waves his entire dinner over an hour for a normal
> or dual wave with a longer square wave part for high fat meals like
> pizza or Mexican food.

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