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[IP] Re: life expectancy

Julie wrote:

> I find this email morbid .. 

LOL that is cute...death usually is morbid - or am i missing the definition 
of the word "death"  

Lighten up everyone..."life expectancy" is just that...expectancy!!!  We are 
gonna die...hopefully later than sooner, and hopefully we will past the 
government sanctioned "life expectancy" for a healthy white American...but we 
aren't all healthy white Americans (THANK GOD).  Our hearts and cells can 
ONLY live so long....modern medicine and technological advances and bg 
testers and insulin have made it possible for us to EXTEND our lives...but we 
aren't the healthy white Americans to whom the life expectancy of 84 or 
whatever applies....

Life expectancy is just another "number" like an A1C that is meant to force 
us to "quantify" our lives...why measure  your life by some number produced 
in some lab in some tiny little lab filled with paper and statistics...

> I do not want to know when my time is up to me 

No one knows - just cuz we are "expected" to live to 84 doesn't mean we wont 
get hit by a bus tomorrow...or pass out from a low and not wake up...

Sara, who hopes she doesn't get hit by an IP sniper on the way home!!

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