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[IP] Girl Talk

Hey Julie:

I am 36, but I lie about it, and have been passing for 27 for several years, 
(and now that I am dating a 24 year old, I hope the lie holds up!!!), but I 
hope I can help...

First of you are normal.  The week to 10 days before Aunt "flow" (tee hee) 
visits, not only does my bg rise, but I am ravenous...are they causing each 
other? Does PMS make me hungry, so I eat more so my bg goes up?  Well, 
possibly, but I think the physiological answer is that a whole butt load of 
hormones are being dumped into you in preparation for dispensing with this un 
needed egg...And sadly for us, most of those hormones have a bg raising 

My answer to this problem is to raise ALL my basal rates by at least .1 - my 
early morning to lunch time raises .2.  I then have to remember to lower them 
back down on my due date, or expect to crash!  Fortunately I am regular as 
the moon, so I can predict these hormonal upheavals pretty well

> I find myself very unmotivated lately .. I know this is not normal .. 

OH YES IT IS!!!!  You are so Normal 

> I have had all the lectures about how "you should care" and of 
> course I do just lacking motivation and do not know how to get it back ... 

First, tell the lecturers to kiss your butt and you find someone who can 
support you and love you and help you. Lectures do NOT help.  You are just in 
a funk right now...Pull yourself up with the knowledge that you CAN - you 
ALONE can - no one can make you do it....

Don't stress that you are doing something "wrong" if you want to eat...this 
is nature, and it won't kill you to give in a little...just be responsible 
about taking enough insulin to control the rise in sugar....Yes, it is OK to 
say F*** it for a day, just get back on track immediately - we don't GET a 
vacation form diabetes, so a day off here and there,and as long as you don't 
over do it will hopefully not kill you...Just please don't go on an eating 
binge and then NOT check your sugars cuz you are scared they will be high and 
=you don't want to "see" that 457 reading!!

Hang in there!!!

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