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[IP] more on the lady....

...at the gym story...LONG - warning and I am in a bad mood.

Laura wrote:
> Congratulations on your excellent control......However, I believe 
> that you are in the minority, I would guess that most diabetics have 
> probably experienced a blood sugar so low that they passed out (or
> at least were at the point where they needed help and could no longer
> care for themselves), no matter how hard they try to maintain control.

What do you base that on, just out of curiosity?  I know lots and lots of 
diabetics, in REAL life, not just this cyber world, and very few if ANY of 
them have ever been to the point of passing out or incapable of caring for 
themselves, or at least ASKING for a dex tab or three.  I don't think I am a 
minority or special.  I have great family and friends, but none within a 
1,000 miles and NONE of whom could care for me in the event of a bad low 
episode, so I have taken the RESPONSIBILITY for myself...

Someone else wrote:
> I think that pointing fingers and calling someone you don't know 
> "irresponsible" is completely inappropriate.  

Well, since I am calling the lady at my gym who I DO know, the stupid one, I 
think your remark just points out the fact that "most" people read what they 
want to read in my posts.  She was specifically the one I was calling stupid 
and irresponsible, and I DO know her, and despite all the chastising...I 
still think she is

You continued with:
> I'm sure you have, at one point or another, done something you 
> have regretted or knew you shouldn't have.  Nobody is perfect.  

I am certainly not perfect, and would never be stupid and irresponsible 
enough to make that claim, however, I don't "regret" things.  I learn from 
them and decide maybe next time I won't make the same weak choice, but I try 
to avoid feeling guilty or regret.  As a mature, responsible human, I chose, 
rather, to think about my actions before I do them. When I was younger, sure 
I did things I regretted...and feeling BAD about them didn't make them go 
away.  And I don't believe that there is some god who is going to "forgive" 
me...I have to forgive myself in order to get on with life

> Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, 

I build my house, so to speak, out of, and on foundations of, ROCK, and they 
don't shift and vacillate with popular theory, high winds, and even the 
windows are double paned, so a mere unkind "word" can't break them

Back to Laura's post:
> It may be irresponsible...for her doctor to have told her such a thing,
> but I hardly think it is fair to call her stupid and irresponsible. She
> is following her doctor's advice! 

Yeah but the whole POINT is that his instructions or lack thereof, caused her 
to pass out on the gym floor, TWICE!!  Once, ok...so call the doctor and get 
some NEW instructions before going back down there and doing it AGAIN!!!  If 
you get pulled over for running a red light, wouldn't you at least maybe 
remember that the next time you approached an intersection and the light was 
red?   So what if she is "at least doing some testing" if she still ends up 
in an ambulance and gets barred from working out???  If I bolus for "at least 
some" of that ben and jerry's I am gonna wake up high!!!  "at least some" is 
not enough, though yes, it is better than not at all, but if you don't USE 
the knowledge, then why bother?

> she could be just ignoring that completely (and she wouldn't be the
> first diabetic to do so).

You have a point, and since I was like that for the first 18 years, I know 
what you mean, and I was STUPID AND IRRESPONSIBLE!!!!  So if she IS ignoring 
it, am I so wrong in calling her that?  If she truly was mentally challenged, 
which she isn't, then I would be more politically correct in my name calling, 
finger pointing or whatever you want to call it.  She is a normal, college 
educated woman, in her late 40s/50s...

you wrote: 
> It is not fair of you to judge this woman's intelligence when you do 
> not know her situation. Not everyone has the benefit of the IP mailing 

Oh pooh...I am not making a judgment about her IQ.  I am referring to her 
behavior.  I DO know her situation.  She HAS gone to the doctor, She has been 
told about advances in techniques and care by him and by me, and she still 
chooses to play that DENIAL game we all play...some of us get out of it and 
face the music...and some of us never do.  If she still goes down to the gym 
floor and doesn't take a meter and dex tabs and passes out, her behavior is 
STUPID AND IRRESPONSIBLE.  Just like if you get behind the wheel of your car 
after drinking.  Can one be excused from being called stupid and 
irresponsible for this action and not from the other?  I don't think so.  If 
OTHERS are going to be involved in an action you choose, then you ARE 
responsible whether you are sober enough to accept it or not.

And while I certainly have gotten a lot out of IP, I was on the pump 5 years 
before I got to IP, and was doing quite well without it!! 

> doesn't know enough about her own diabetes.  If she's never had a good
> doctor then she probably doesn't even know what she is missing, or know
> that she needs to look for a good doctor. Obviously she has never been
> told that she needs to be testing more often. 

So why would should I take the time to help her?  But I did...I showed her 
the whole 9 yards...told her about my doctor...and I told her if she tested 
more she would feel so much better.  Why get advice if you aren't going to at 
least listen to it or THINK about it...It is not my fault that her doctor is 
guilty of prolonging her stupid irresponsibilty, and I tried to help her...

> she doesn't know just how exercise affects blood sugars. Heck, its even
> possible that she was never taught how to feel a low coming on, or how
>to properly correct it.

I refuse to believe that people are so stupid that they don't ask "why" when 
something  bad happens....Oh gee I got hit by a car...oh well....well, hello, 
why did that happen?  well i didn't look both ways before walking...applied 
here, I passed out n gym floor and had to be taken to hospital...why?  LOW 
BLOOD SUGAR...maybe i ought to test my blood sugar on the gymn floor since 
going down there seems to make me pass out - 

> perhaps you could share the IP list with her. If she doesn't 
> have a computer, offer to print out articles.  Don't try to tell her what 
> to do, but after reading this list for a while, it should help her realize 
> that better control is possible. PLEASE, instead of insulting her, try 
> to help her!

Don't patronize me, please.  I have tried.  She does not want to be helped.  
Who helps me?  You have to do it for yourself or it just won't happen!!!!  I 
am much too busy and involved with my own life to waste energy and effort on 
people who piss and moan about their condition then take no action to fix it 
or at least make it better.  She KNOWS better control is possible. she whine 
about how she can't control it...blah blah blah.  I have given her the IP web 
site over the phone and in writing, is she a member?  No she isn't..and yes, 
she does have a pc, but heck, she didn't even want to read the info I carried 
to the gym on the pump so why would she want to read anything else. 

she is stuck down in this little rut of denial, why me, diabetes rules my 
world and it sucks, that I hope I never get into, but if I do, I will know it 
is due to my own STUPID and IRRESPONSIBLE behavior

Sara, who is off to the gym to work out the frustration of people taking my 
posts so damn personally...AND by the way, I am working on a response to the 
person who write that AIDS is a result of "irresponsible behavior"   beware
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