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[IP] Sugar Madness

Back in August, ellen wrote:

> I think someone should make a low budget horror film (similar to 
> Blair Witch) and call it "Sugar Madness".  Sara would be the leading 
> lady of course since she is an actress and loves sweets too.  What 
> do you say Sara?  Any amateur filmmakers out there.  

No no - I don't wanna be IN It, I wanna direct it...I can see the grainy film 
now...the horror stricken faces of medical professionals as candy ingesting 
diabetics back them in to a corner....pumping madly....blood spurting out of 
fingers that have been pricked too many times.  Evil normal kids taunting the 
poor little MDI diabetic with pizza and his cruel abusive parents who refuse 
to let him get a pump.  We see the pumper in the shower...with the old 
plastic shower bag hooked over the shower head - remember those from 
pre-disconnect days - and she slips and strangles herself!   or her tubing 
gets wrapped around the hot water faucet, causing it to stick and SCALD HER 

then the scene in the speeding car as the frantic diabetic tries to fill a 
syringe with insulin and inject it without stopping, while his passenger, a 
pump wearer with audio bolus has no problem

god i need to get out of the house more often

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