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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #568


It will take some time to adjust your rates properly. Even when they get 
settled in, you'll probably have some "unexplained" readings - after all, 
this is diabetes. There are no guarantees that all things will work as 
planned. Test, adjust and don't hesitate to question things.

>So would you recommend plastic or glass cartridges?  My packet came with a
>few plastic and two sets of 25 glass--I'm thinking I may want to stick with
>the glass.

I use them interchangeably, but have used mostly glass during the past 
several years. The plastic were nice when I was mixing Humalog and 
Velosulin, since I could see the markings on the cartridge. Once I had the 
ratios figured, I was back to using glass. I just basically use whatever I 
feel like using at the time. Earlier this week I was using plastic, now 
I've got a glass cartridge in there. What, me indecisive? <vbg>

Bob Burnett

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