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[IP] baloney

I got this newsletter from nurses.com or something re candy and kids and 

Most of what is says it pretty interesting:
>"If you're too stringent, your child will become a closet cheater," she 
> says.  Primeau feels that parents of children with diabetes should 
> address Halloween with reality and honesty.
>"I used to sit down with my son, and say, 'You know all this candy 
> is bad for you. It's bad for everyone. Just try to be as responsible as 
> you can.'"

GOOD point....don't be stupid....accept the responsibility!!  well said

But then this RN/CDE with the Joslins in NYC whose name I will delete says:
" [she] believes in limiting candy intake.  I would never suggest, 'Forget it 
> the day and enjoy yourself. Alternate treats are the best-fruits, popcorn 
> or nuts. Many candies are just pure sugar."

Well, HELLO...isnt this the whole point of taking the responsibility?  have 
we not had this discussion that a carb is a carb is a carb and wont MOST of 
you agree that it is generally the pure carbs that are easiest to control?  
It is when you start adding things like NUTS and butter on POPCORN that you 
start having problems.  I can eat a bag of fat free Skittles and take care of 
that a LOT easier than I can a bag of "nutrisoious, healthy" trail mix filled 
with dried fruit and nuts!!!  grrr

The article continues with some good info:

"Chocolate bars have fat, which can be a benefit: the fat slows down the
carbohydrate absorption. Candy without fat raises blood sugars more
quickly. What will shoot you up the quickest? According to ****, things
like gummy candy, Skittles, Sweet Tarts, Life Savers and jelly beans will
cause glucose to peak very fast.

NOT IF YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TO BOLUS!!!  you shouldn't go any higher eating 
Skittles than you do from eating a razor blade filled apple!

here is another good idea I htink someonelse posted something like this:

"In place of the candy, I would let them each get something else, like
stickers," says *****, who thinks that another good trick is to buy back
the candy from your kids. "Give them a nickel or a quarter for each piece
of candy. Or, maybe five candy bars equal a trip to the movies, or staying
up an hour later."

Another nurse suggests: 
"...sharing the candy with others. "I have seen children take their bags to 
less advantaged children for distribution," she says.

well that is a nice idea, but only if the other NON diabetic kids in the 
family do it too!
  And I sure hope they don't hand out snicker bars at the door and then have 
to watch their bags of goodies disappear - that seems kinda cruel to me...why 
not just become one of those fundamentalist whatevers who thinks Halloween is 
HORRIBLE and don't even allow your hcildren to particiapte...no witches on 
the door, no pumpkin carving and NO beggin door to door...

>From the article:
"No matter which path you choose, says t*****, "allowing your child some
choices and control over the situation will help him feel a part of the
solution, and he may be less likely to resent any decisions."

I like that, and then the best part of the article....****did some research 
on some of the most popular candies and calculated the amount of each that 
equals about 15 grams of carb - yah hooo!!!!   

So 15 grams of CHO equals ONE boring slice of bread OR

1 fun-size chocolate bar (any brand)
11 candy corns
4 Starbursts
1/2 stick of a Twix bar
2 sticks of a Kit Kat bar
30 pieces Reese's pieces
1/2 regular-size pack of M & Ms, plain or peanut
1 piece of Fruit By The Foot
6 gummy fruits
5 gummy savers
3 Twizzlers
3 small Tootsie Rolls
6 Junior Mints
16 Good'n'Plenty
15 Skittles
9 pieces Sweet Tarts
2 Jolly Ranchers
1 Tootsie Pop

Now this is scientific research we can all use

ps are you all done slamming people so I can catch up on the last 18 digests 
or should I not bother?


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