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[IP] life expectancy

when i was dx'd 27 yrs ago at ten yrs of age, i was told i would never
have kids, i would be blind by 15 and i could expect maybe ten good years
of quality life.  no one ever said ' you arent gonna make it past 25' but
that was sorta the implied meaning. thank god for medical science.  even
as close as five yrs ago, i was told dont have kids.  when i became
pregnant quite by accident, but to the joy of hubby and i, i was
fortunate enough to be recommended for a special maternal/fetal program
just for high risk and diabetic pregnancies.  lo and behold, we have a
three yr old now.  so much for 'life expectancies and other dire
predictions'.  after all this time, my family is still amazed to know im
alive and in good health with a healthy child <he wont get diabtes, mine
resulted from complications due to the mumps virus>.  i tell people, your
expectancy is whatever you choose to make of it and work at.  nowadays,
you can expect to live a full life.  next year, even next month, you may
find science has even improved upon that!!

happy pumping,


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