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[IP] Sudden BG Drops

I have the same experience as Humalog peaks between 3 to 3 and a half hours
for me.  I had a trouble with MDI because of it but I am experimenting with
some of the pump features to address this.  I think there should be a way
to use either the temporary basal rate or the square wave feature to fix
this problem but I'm not sure how.  If anyone has any ideas I would
appreciate it. I think the dual wave might work, the trouble is that I find
a need the full amount of insulin to stop the initital BG rise.  Right now
my compromise is to let my BG be too high at 2 hours and just accept that
it will be on target at 3 to 3and a half hours.  In fact if my BG is on
target at 2 hours I either eat something or program a temporary basal rate
reduction.  I wish the pump would let me program a temporary basal rate
reduction at a future time.  I could put in a permanent basal rate
reduction for 3 hours after meal times, but that would mean going back to
set mealtimes which sort of defeats some of the advantages of pump therapy.
Any other ideas would be appreciated. 

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