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Re: [IP] Help Me Help Somebody Else

> Have any of you had a problem with Humalog that necessitated a total
> withdrawal from it? 

At least one adult and one child on the list are allergic to Humalog 
or a component of it's buffer. I believe there are others, 
but only those two come to mind specifically. Symptoms include rash, 
hives, etc.... As far as I know, the insulin CONTINUED to work, but 
the side effects were becomming serious. I would guess that this is 
an allergy to a buffer component rather than the insulin molecule 
itself. What you describe sounds like resistance or allergy to the 
insulin itself. An antibody test can be done to determine this.

>If you had a problem with Humalog, with sugars
> that would not drop, even with site changes, 

The biggest problems were the allergic reactions some of 
which are described above

> did mixing help you? 

No, the child went straight to Velosulin and the problems subsided.
Likewise, the adult did the same.

> Did you have to totally change to another insulin?

> Are there any of
> you out there who had such total insulin resistance that
> intramuscular needles were required for any absorption?  What do you
> use in the pump? Any of our medical experts have any suggestions?
Don't know. There are a couple of type 2's on the list (maybe it's 
the UK list) that take 300+ units a day by pump.

> Please, any words of wisdom. Any questions for the mom to ask?  She

If they suspect the Humalog, she probably should place her daughter 
on another insulin such as Humulin R or Velosulin BR. Humulin is the 
same vendor as Humalog (Eli Lilly) and Velosulin BR is made by Novo 

My engineering background would make me try the "other" vendor first 
in the hopes that similarities in formulation would be the most 
distant. A trial week on Velosulin followed by a trial week on 
Humulin R if the V did not work.

You did not provide any info on the condition of the site. Is their a 
possibility that the young lady is violently allergic to the teflon 
catheter to the extend that her reaction destroys the integrity of 
the site and it's ability to absorb insulin???

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