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Re: [IP] ignorance of loved ones and diet advice needed

In a message dated 10/15/99 12:00:41 PM EST, email @ redacted writes:

<<  Mom noticed the
 > m-and-m's when I handed them to him, and took them and asked why I
 > got them, and "YOU eat these???"  And promptly set them on her
 > dresser.  We didn't get them back. 
 > What is the best way to handle
 > this?  I can't take much more "help."  Thanks.
 Poke her in the eye, grab the M & M's and run like hell!  >>

Michael, I am still ROFLOL!  You have no idea how many times in my 42 years 
with dm or my daughter's 20 years with it that I have wanted to do just that! 
 To all you parents on the list I just want to say that I heartily 
congratulate you for your daily perserverence with trying to control your 
child(ren)'s diabetes.  Sometimes I don't give my parents enough credit for 
what they had to cope with--and in the days of Clinitest tablets and glass 
syringes at that.  But the well-meaning relatives (read friends, 
acquaintances, strangers, doctors, etc)  who don't have a clue, but worse, 
THINK  they do, have been, by far, the most difficult part of coping with 
this disease. I will just have to try the poke in the eye and run like hell 
next time : ))

Brenda Martinez
Orlando, FL

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