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Re: [IP] micro QR sof-sets

<<wondering if they will fall out of geneva.  she is not real skinny,  just a
bit thin.  but she has a slightly roundish abdomen, normal, which is fine
for the regular sof-sets.  just wondering if the new ones would:

a) be more comfortableb) fall out because she is not absolutely skinny


Ruth, Geneva sounds like she and my Amy are very similarly built -- appears 
skinny, but with a bit of tummy. Amy tried out the new sets, and here is what 
we found:

1)No difference in 'pain' upon insertion - no more or less than usual
2)Very little difference in her bgs overall, though she did have a few GREAT 
3)She typically has more irritation from the adhesive on the wings -- there 
is more area with an adhesive it seems, and it may even be a different kind. 
That I don't know, but she sure gets red from it.
4)Never had one come out, though she has had a reg. sof-set come out!

So, for now, I think we will stick with our reg. sof-sets, even though when 
she had good days on the micro, they were usually VERY good days!

Good luck,
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