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Re: [IP] Re(IP) Sudden BG drops

David L. Dougherty wrote:
> I have experimented with an earlier bolus several
> times. I get nice 1 and 2 hour readings and then my sugar starts rising
> again. You're right about the trial and error, this whole process is one of
> trial and error. I'm hoping my pump will help solve this.

OK, then it sounds like your current shot regimen may not be meeting
your basal needs. 

Here again, it can get complicated, because what your BGs do 4 - 6 hours
after eating is based on both basal needs AND what you ate -- if it was
a high-fat/protein meal, the rise may be caused by that, but if it was a
low-fat/protein meal, then your basal may not be right. 

Of course, on shots, you CAN'T set basals precisely, but once you get on
the pump, it will become a possibility. 

But don't start thinking that the pump solves all problems! Yesterday,
after a high-fat, high-carb meal, for which I used a dual-wave bolus, I
thought I did everything right, but six hours later I was at 178 --
musta underestimated SOMETHING, but I'm not sure what.

The nice thing is that I corrected for it, went to bed, and woke up at a
beautiful 88 -- it's NICE to be able to correct!  :) I would have either
resented it, or NOT done it while I was on shots, but with the pump,
correcting seems much less of an intrusion. 

I'm an ardent supporter of the pump for anyone who wants one, IF they're
willing to learn how to use it!


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