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Re: [IP] complexity in a nutshell

glad you said this first, deb....I feel the same way, but was not ready to
express my opinion on this because of sensitivities on the part of parents
who are still hanging on tightly to their kids.

geneva is ten and I am sending her off to a week of 'outdoor ed' here in CA
which all the fifth graders do in the spring.  I would do it now after
pumping three months.  the only concern is changing the site...which she
does now.  (I just load the cartridges.)
she counts all of her carbs and knows how much to bolus.  if we needed to do
a middle of night check...I would have the responsible adult present wake
her up and have her test.

setting the basals a tad higher is a great idea.  if she checks often...she
can just bolus herself down if too high.


> .  Does she do any of her bolusing and carbocounting on her own? Set
> her basals low and change her bolus rates to have her run a little high if
> necessary.  If she doesn't want to go, that's a different story

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