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[IP] Help Me Help Somebody Else

Hi Folks,

 Sorry for this long one, this is an insulin problem, not a pump
problem.  But with all the knowledge to be garnered from this bunch, I
can't lose :-)

I received a call from a mom last night, she was calling me from the
hospital where her daughter (17?) has been admitted with moderate/high
ketones.  She has been on the pump for over a year, but from what I
could gather in the limited time we had (the doctor was waiting to talk
to her)her daughter lately has not been able to get her sugars down...at
all.  Unlike Erica, my daughter, who had to start mixing insulins after
2 months because sites were lasting only 24-36 hours, they did not see
any difference with new site changes.  Erica would have beautiful sugars
for 24 hours then steadily increasing #'s which required a site change.
Then the cycle would start again.  Mixing was our miracle potion.  This
girl had been put on the pump because she required massive doses of
insulin given by intramuscular injections for it to work.  She had been
called non-compliant.  But, I don't know if she had the same problem
with both Regular and or Humalog.  Something leads me to believe she
did.  Pumping gave her her life back.

The mom was calling me to ask my advice on mixing to see if it would
help and was arming herself for a battle with the pediatrician who was
working at the time.

I didn't get a chance to ask - how long had this been going on, did she
exhibit signs of another illness, what did her sites look like, how had
her sugars been prior to this seemingly total breakdown with Humalog,
were they fairly consistent, did the girl rest her sites....  The poor
mom was in so much of a hurry...she knew I was mixing with Erica but the
doctor was not happy with trying mixing because she suspected breakdown
within the syringe.  I could at least assure her that wasn't a problem.
The mom said they are going to try mixing at 1:1.   I asked if they were
going to try Regular, by itself, to find out if Humalog is the culprit,
(I was wondering if her body has again decided to reject insulin in any
form) She did mention that 45 units of insulin (she didn't say which
one) were given to her daughter(by syringe) to drop the sugars and they
had basically no affect!  I assume it was Humalog they were using.

My questions are:
Have any of you had a problem with Humalog that necessitated a total
withdrawal from it?
If you had a problem with Humalog, with sugars that would not drop, even
with site changes, did mixing help you?  Did you have to totally change
to another insulin?
Are there any of you out there who had such total insulin resistance
that intramuscular needles were required for any absorption?  What do
you use in the pump?
Any of our medical experts have any suggestions?

Please, any words of wisdom. Any questions for the mom to ask?  She is a
very strong willed person, and will present any and all suggestions to
the doctor.  This family bought the pump out of pocket, without a
medical plan to pay for supplies because they had finally found
something that worked for their daughter.  She used to be hospitalized
almost monthly due to ketones but pumping changed her life.  I would so
hate to think of this girl having to endure those painful intramuscular
needles again, and frequent hospital stays because the doctor might not
want to stretch her comfort zone and try something different in the
pump.  It worked for over a year....hopefully something can be done to
keep it working.  Personally, I am hoping that she has some sort of
infection that is causing insulin resistance, if only it could be that

Thanks for taking the time to read all that...I know it was a long
one....but I really want to help this family if it is possible.

Barb....Erica's mom

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