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[IP] need help am out of controll and dont have the knowledge to fix it

Dear pumpers ,
     i have worn a desatronic pump for 3 years and it has helped me ignore 
my diabetes(i hate that word). i have never had any carb teaching nor do i 
know how to adjust the rates for illness ,exercise, or highs and lows. i 
have a systemic infection and sugars are sky high x2 weeks I feel  LOUSY and 
guess that it is time to relize that i can no longer ignor the diabetes and 
need a lot of information and support and guidance to take control. anyone 
with book titles , carb list ,illness and just taking control please e mail 
at  email @ redacted one added note dx at 34 and trying to forget 
ever since. Can anyone help ?? new memberas of yesterday, this site has 
helped me decide to have courage and take contol!! thanks for all the help I 
hope..      DEB

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