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Re: [IP] Diabetes-attention getter??

I don't think people around me think I use my diabetes as a way to get 
attention, but I remember early on in my life as a diabetic, in elementary 
school, the kids thinking I was the coolest thing because I used to eat 
snacks in class!  My mom also used to come on all the field trips for the 
first few years(due to my passing out and ending up in the hospital on my 
first post-diagnosis field trip in the first grade!), so the kids thought I 
used to use the diabetes to my advantage, to get what I want.  I do have to 
admit that in high school, I sometimes used it to my advantage, but not too 
much, only a few times, I didn't want kids to think of me as "different" so I 
wouldn't give them reason, except for those few times!! lol  As for now, I 
know people worry about me and how I am doing, such as my boyfriend, but at 
this point in my life I would rather do the "wrong" thing than bring 
attention to myself.  By this I mean, if I am at work and I am low, I would 
rather the other girls who came in before me go on their breaks first, the 
way it is always done, rather than go before them so I can eat.  They offer 
to let me go before them so I can eat, but I always refuse, I would rather 
drink a juice at the cash register and wait till it's my turn, rather than 
take advantage and go first.  I know this is wrong, but I don't want people 
thinking I am trying to "get attention" or "use it to my advantage."  Kelly
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