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[IP] Re: girl talk


Yes, I also crave carbs like a fiend the week or two before my period.  I have
gradually learned to recognize it for what it is.  I try to compromise with
myself.  I make an effort to stay aware of the cravings and not to give in to
them completely, but I also definitely eat more during that time.  With the pump,
I just bolus more to account for that.  I am also more insulin resistant during
that time, so I sometimes have to bolus more than usual anyway.

My experience tells me that it is VERY normal to struggle with motivation!  I
tend to go through cycles of being very attentive and careful about diabetes and
then being more lax about it for awhile.  I feel like those periods of low
motivation allow me to stay sane and not feel so controlled by diabetes.  They
also allow time to focus more on other things for awhile.  Since we never get a
true vacation from diabetes, I feel like those unmotivated times are as close to
vacation as I get.  Sort of like an extended "mental health day."

Hang in there, and feel free to write.


> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Girl Talk
> every month before my "womanhood" is due,
> about 2 weeks before I find myself sooooo hungry like beyond control .... and
> I just wonder how others have this problem or have Ideas how to deal with it
> ?... also I have been diabetic  for 18 yrs I find myself very unmotivated
> lately .. I know this is not normal .. Julie
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