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RE: [IP] Re(IP) Sudden BG drops


Thanks for the reply. I have experimented with an earlier bolus several
times. I get nice 1 and 2 hour readings and then my sugar starts rising
again. You're right about the trial and error, this whole process is one of
trial and error. I'm hoping my pump will help solve this. It seems that if I
bolus a little early and up my basal rate slightly for about 3 hours that
might help things. I just can't seem to get an injection of humalog to match
my digestion except on rare occasions. Like you I have been told that as
long as my sugar is back to normal before the next meal (it almost always
is, I'm a fanatic) everything is OK. I hope this is right! Also like you I
had trouble with Regular. I got good 1 and 2 hour readings and then I would
drop lower and lower and lower for the next few hours. Had to snack
(especially when I used NPH instead of Ultralente) to avoid crashing all the
time. I'm glad that's over. Gee, it's hard to wait a month before going on
the pump!

David Dougherty

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Some people need to bolus as much as 1/2 hour before eating in order to
match their digestion and BG rise, and others do best actually bolusing
AFTER the meal.

Sounds like you are one of the people who reacts relatively slowly --
try bolusing a LITTLE earlier and see what happens, and extend the
interval until you get a match between food and insulin onset.

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