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Re: [IP] quick drop bgs (long winded)

email @ redacted wrote:
> My point for blabbering, is that these little nuances is what keeps my
> husband and I from straying to far from home. It is too much to explain to a
> lay-person. We had planned on doing a business trip together (we do every
> Dec) to California  this year and had the tickets and all...but I cannot
> bring myself to leaving them with grandparents for the 4 days. When we bought
> tickets in Aug. we thought we'd have it all figured out by December. Am I
> being overprotective?   When I start adding up all the little decisions we
> make daily it becomes overwhelming.

I wonder whether it might just make sense to let him run a bit higher
when he's in the care of his grandparents. And if he says he feels low,
to treat it just in case, and not worry about whether the meter agrees.

It must be really stressful to take care of a diabetic child (I've
forgotten how old Kevin is), and seems like you need a break, because
you're human, too.

So how about making a contingency plan with the grandparents and the
doc?  Setting number boundaries where he should be (like say between 100
and 200) before meals, and planning out the menus in advance and giving
them a list of boluses for those meals. Plus a list of corrections for
high BGs.  

Then giving them a glucagon kit and teaching them how to use it, AND an
agreement that if his number goes above a certain point, OR if he's
feeling nauseated and unable to keep down liquids, that they'll call the

Also having a plan for using shots in case the pump fails or the set
pulls out. 

In other words, you'd have to do some serious planning and education,
and the grandparents would have to be willing to cooperate, but I think
that both they and Kevin would do OK, if you handled it that way. 

Actually, I think you DO need to have a plan set up in advance in case
you're unable for any reason to take care of Kevin -- what if you and
your husband were out for the evening, and had an accident?

Another thought is, do you know any adult pumpers in your area? Having
someone to act as consultant to the grandparents might make everyone
feel better about it too. 

I'm convinced that where there's a will, there's a way, nerve-wracking
as it might be!!!

Good luck, 

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