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Re: [IP] Re(IP) Sudden BG drops

David L. Dougherty wrote:
> OK. I'll try 1:11 then. I can understand how too much bolus could cause my
> sugar to drop suddenly at the end, but why would my sugar be high for the
> first two hours? This is a real puzzler to me.

Different people react to Humalog at different rates. Some people are
much faster than others. 

Some people need to bolus as much as 1/2 hour before eating in order to
match their digestion and BG rise, and others do best actually bolusing
AFTER the meal. 

Sounds like you are one of the people who reacts relatively slowly --
try bolusing a LITTLE earlier and see what happens, and extend the
interval until you get a match between food and insulin onset.

By experimenting, I found that I experience onset in 10 minutes. If I
would bolus, say 5 - 10 minutes before eating, that would probably be
best for me, but once I'm hungry, I just can't wait to eat, so yes, I do
have a short peak of BGs (maybe 1/2 hour) before they start coming down

I don't think that very short peak is harming me, so I don't bother
about it, but if the peak goes into the 200's and lasts an hour, that
might be different.

I don't usually go too low after 4 hours, either, although I used to
when I took R. The thing I like BEST about Humalog is NOT needing to
snack any more!!!!  :)

However, if Humalog acts slowly for you, you may need to have that
little snack as a routine. 

 Remember, it's all YMMV, and you're gonna have to find out what works
for you by trial and error!

Good luck! 
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