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RE: [IP] Re(IP) Sudden BG drops

> Michael,
> OK. I'll try 1:11 then. I can understand how too much bolus could
> cause my sugar to drop suddenly at the end, but why would my sugar
> be high for the first two hours? This is a real puzzler to me.

Mismatch to the digestion cycle of the particular food is the 
culprit. This can be caused by either slow uptake of the insulin or 
rapid digestion of the food or a combo of both. If you'd like to 
experiment, eat a high glycemic meal and the next day eat a low one 
with the same carb content and monitor your bg's. See Rick Mendosa's 
web site on the LINKS page under Other Diabetes Links

On-line Resources for Diabetes Rick Mendosa's REALLY GOOD list of
   Glycemic Index Ranking of foods based on their immediate effect 
       on blood glucose (bG or blood sugar) levels. 
    Glycemic Index Lists There are two listings of the Glycemic 
       Index below. The first is based on food
       categories subdivided into specific foods. The second list
       is ordered by the GI. 

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