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RE: [IP] Re(IP) Sudden BG drops

> Michael,
> I am currently using a 1:10 carb ratio. I believe I will try 1:12
> and see what happens over the next two or three days. I hope you are
> right about this, it would be so nice to take less insulin and get
> better results. Thanks for the tip. Trial and error will tell the
> tale here.

yep, but a move of 10:1 to 12:1 is a bunch. Lily moves in 1/2 or 1 
steps at the most. A little goes a long way as with the basal 
adjustments. If you have good records, look at the amount of carb 
consumed on the average to correct the lows, calculate the equivalent 
insulin (over say the last 4 - 5 times it's happened). Ignor any 
way-out readings though. Figure a ratio for the same meal that gives 
you the insulin you should have had to avoid the low for each meal, 
take an average and see what it give you for a ratio. That will avoid 
the guess work.

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