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Re: [IP] problems with minimed

At 09:41 AM 10/15/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>I too am having a problem with MM. I received the 507c on Oct. 4th the day
>the 508 came out. Everytime I call to find out any info. they say they will
>call me right back. Doesnt happen. But when I called to tell them that i
>would pay them the 500.00 difference in machines directly to them the
>response was quite different. An educator was suppose to call me to set up a
>starting date .......ABOUT 7 DAYS AGO. When I do call they say " NOONE HAS
>CALLED YOU YET????WE WILL CALL YOU RIGHT BACK". I havent started the pump and
>am losing patience as well as faith in this company. But if I call to ask
>them if they want the 500.00 fed. x or regular mail I can assure you I will
>get an overly helpful person on the line!!!!!!!

My only wild guess is that they've had a thousand (or more) people calling 
about the new pump. And, they may not have been prepared to handle it. I'd 
wait a bit, until things settle down a bit and try again. Have you talked 
to your local rep??


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