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Re: [IP] Testing in Public

  Before pumping we used an insulin pen and she would inject herself
>discreetly in public.

This reminded me of one time prepump when my dad and I went downtown (in 
Providence RI, for waterfire, if any of you have heard of it, it's this 
really neat thing where they play ethnic music and light fires in the middle 
of the Providence River.) and I had to take my bedtime NPH. Well, I didn't 
feel like fighting throngs of people so I sat on a wall, tested my blood 
sugar and prepared to inject NPH with a pen. My dad was amazed that I didn't 
feel embarassed to pull out a needle in public.  I remember thinking that 
the thought hadn't even crossed my mind to be embarassed and that he 
actually made me think about how others might perceive me.  But then I 
decided it still didn't matter :)  typical me.  --Gianna

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