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Re: [IP] Diabetes-attention getter??

>I was wondering if anyone has ever felt that others perceive your diabetes 
>a way to get attention from others.

Hi . . .I haven't encountered this (yet) because I make a point to do what I 
need to do in a low key way and try really hard not to make a big deal 
because I don't want people to view me as "sick." Don't get me wrong, I 
don't deny my disease or downplay the importance of it, but I'm really not 
into having people automatically think that I"m limited because of my 
disease. However, I remember back to my not so long ago non-diabetic days 
and being very annoyed at a diabetic friend who seemed to be constantly 
calling attention to herself. She would use her diabetes to get special 
favors and treatment from others, including me. But I think that it really 
depends on how you act as to how others perceive you.  I have had people 
tell me that they are very surprised and pleased with the low key way in 
which I handle my disease and yet still make it a priority.  I have also had 
people tell me that they have met other diabetics who are exactly the 

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